We Finally Know What Kanye West And Beyonce Did On Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’

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Even though it’s been out in the world for months now — and pored over obsessively by Frank Ocean acolytes — who did what on his latest album Blonde was still a little up in the air. Until now, that is. A secret CD release of the album on Black Friday just started to ship out to fans, and Reddit users are helping their fellow Breaux-nies along by posting images of the album’s official liner notes.

While we knew that Kanye West and Beyonce were involved somehow, thanks to this contributors list, these images finally confirm where and how the two superstars lent a hand. Kanye West is credited as a co-writer for album standout “White Ferrari” and Beyonce is confirmed as providing background vocals on the song “Pink + White.”

Other big-time contributors also had their work clarified. Former Dirty Projectors member Amber Coffman gave her vocals over to album opener “Nikes” and Sad-Boy-In-Chief Yung Lean had an appearance on “Godspeed.” James Blake is all over this thing, notching credits on “Solo,” “Solo (Reprise)” and “Godspeed’ (though interestingly enough, not on “White Ferrari” where he’d previously been credited as a co-writer).

All in all, a lot of famous people — or interpolations and samples of their work — went into crafting Blonde. Which might be a big reason why it landed so high on our Albums of the Year list.