Watch Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj Get In An ‘Ice Grill’ Contest

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True story: At the lone Beyoncé concert I’ve been to, Bey popped out of the stage less than 10 feet from me and I forgot to breathe until she moved. That is to say, I don’t think I would do as well as Nicki Minaj did in an “ice grill” contest with the Queen.

The duo were practicing for their Tidal concert performance of “Feeling Myself” when Beyoncé decided to have a stare-down contest to see who cracks first.

In Bey’s own words “Ice grill me as long as you can. Let’s see who cracks first.” Spoiler: it looks like they come out even over the course of several grillings, with Bey even saying that Nicki made her feel “gummy.”

Beyoncé shared the video on her Facebook, with an added tag encouraging fans to watch the concert on Tidal.

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(via Billboard)

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