Check Out The Beyonce-Themed Menu Your Girlfriend Will Make You Pay For On Valentine’s Day

02.04.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

Valentine’s Day is basically a chick holiday where guys buy pink stuff just so they can have sex with their girlfriends later that night. I’ve never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but did hook up with ladies that were single on the day, because obviously. A restaurant in NYC is having a Beyonce-themed Valentine’s Day menu for guys who get dragged there to order for their girlfriends. Via The Huffington Post:

On Feb. 14, Brucie NYC, a hip little Italian spot in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, will be serving dishes such as “Pink Is The Flavor” (scallop, monkfish torchon, grapefruit, beet, breakfast radish) and “Breastiny’s Child” (veal breast braciole, pickled fig, sopresatta, goat yogurt), as well as a few Jay-Z inspired choices. (Oysters Rocafella, anyone? How about some Jay-Ziti?)

Breastiny’s Child? Niiiiiice.  I’m not sure I would eat most of the food on the menu. But, I’m stupid, and I do stupid things when I’m with women that I like or I’m dating. The hotter the girl is, the more willing I am to do things I normally wouldn’t do. You guys know what I’m saying. Especially you, James. Check out the menu:


PUT A RING ON IT – anelli, calamari, broccoli, saffron. Oh, baby, this is getting me all kinds of hot. Now, I’ll get the veal and we can feel terrible about ourselves before we go home and watch Netflix. I KNOW YOU’VE BINGE WATCHED HOUSE OF CARDS WITHOUT ME, DENISE!

Via The Huffington Post, Image via Getty

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