Beyonce Was Born A Superstar, And These Unreleased Tapes Going For $3.8 Million Prove It

It has to be incredibly hard to be a parent, knowing your kid sucks at whatever they’re passionate about and having to lie to their sweet little faces. Especially when they have dreams of being a singer, but can’t hold a note to save their lives and have about as much stage charisma as a dead goldfish. You’ve either “got it, ” or you don’t. And at ten years old, Beyonce had that special “it.” Even as a young girl growing up in Houston, Texas, the one-name powerhouse was always destined to be something greater.

Auctioneer Ted Owen and Co. is selling off “never-before-seen” footage of a young Beyonce “developing her craft that would ultimately make her the most famous pop star in the world.” Totaling nearly two-and-a-half hours of “raw and unedited footage,” the 12 tapes feature 10-year-old Beyonce being a mini-star in the making as the lead singer of pre-Destiny’s Child group, Girl’s Tyme. Fun Fact: Girl’s Tyme appeared on Star Search way back in 1993. They lost.

The unreleased collection is up for sale as a part of a closed auction that runs until January 2017. The London-based auctioneer is hoping to fetch up to $3.8 million for footage of Beyonce “playing to the camera,” rehearsing for a live showcase in San Fransico, and for her first music video. For comparison, Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller jacket was sold at auction for $1.8 million in 2011, so I’m not sure how a bunch of old Beyonce tapes is supposed to be worth $3.8 million. Maybe Lifetime would be interested?

The network, home of the future Birtney Spears disaster, is rumored to be interested in putting Queen Bey’s life story on the small screen. Perhaps the tapes can serve as source material. Or Beyonce can always just buy the tapes, convert them and keep it locked away in her temperature-controlled digital-storage facility. The Beyonce Archive is a real thing.

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