Beyoncé Did A Whole Spread For Vogue Without Doing An Interview

Vogue might have scored big with Beyoncé for the cover of their notoriously huge September issue, but what you might not know is that Mrs. Carter didn’t actually provide an interview for her huge, fabulous spread. In fact, the Huffington Post is going so far as saying that she hasn’t “answered a direct question in more than a year,” not even for the likes of Anna Wintour, nor the writer of the cover story, Margo Jefferson. So yes, there’s a story — but Beyoncé didn’t actually provide anything other than her famous image and some behind-the-scenes video. As Jefferson told The New York Times:

“It was definitely posed to me as … call it a think piece, if you want. I had no contact with her camp…

“She has to be studying how effective her interviews have been so far. She may have decided that they do not contribute as dazzlingly to the portrait of Beyoncé as the other stuff. It’s a perfectly reasonable decision.”

So, what it Jefferson trying to say, exactly? That Beyoncé has a bad track record for interviews? That she has nothing of substance to say? Oh my god, fair readers — is Beyoncé a mere facade of a person, offering nothing but an image, a brand, a nebulous entity that blinds people with diamonds while remaining — dare I say it — hollow? This is silly, of course, because we know Beyoncé is actually talented. But this makes it sound like her talent is enhanced by professional engineering and that as an individual, she’s barely the spokesperson for a brand.

Or just really private, as the mother of a toddler and someone’s wife and daughter and someone who is entirely in control of her image. But I defer to Margo Jefferson.

(Via Jezebel)