Bill O’Reilly Trashed Ice Cube For Refusing To Stop Singing ‘F*ck Tha Police’

It’s good to know that everyone is playing their parts. Ice Cube rightfully refuses to stop playing “F*ck tha Police” — a.k.a. the most famous song he’s ever had a hand in creating — in the wake of police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge. And the noted rap-hating crank Bill O’Reilly is all over him for it.

The O’Reilly Factor host continued his hate for “gangsta” rappers like Common by calling “F*ck tha Police” a “piece of garbage” and a “vile piece of work.” He also talked down to the entire music industry, including radio stations and record labels, for recording, releasing and popularizing the song (despite that the track actually spread via word of mouth, due to limited radio play at the time).

O’Reilly has had a bit of a sore spot for rap ever since Cam’ron sonned him all those years ago, so a response like this is expected from him. But he’s not alone in his crusade against a song written by a 17-year-old nearly almost three decades ago. The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld calls Ice Cube and Ice-T hypocrites for playing cops in Ride Along and Law and Order: SVU, respectively.

“As much as they hate cops, they don’t hate playing cops because they make millions,” he said, before making the patented Fox News pivot into a Black Lives Matter slam. “I don’t think rap stars, when their beachside mansions get broken into, call Black Lives Matter.”

Commentator Bernard McGuirk isn’t all in on the Ice Cube hate train. He makes the fairly reasonable assumption that Ice Cube doesn’t want police to be harmed, but to change and adds that Cube is a “nice guy.” But he does manage to connect Ice Cube’s statement to TMZ with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, thereby filling countless O’Reilly bingo cards.

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