Billy Corgan Is Reportedly Shopping A Proper Smashing Pumpkins Reunion

Grunge is back, and if you don’t like it, you can wear something other than a flannel shirt to keep you warm because you don’t deserve to wear the soft, woven fabric. Now that Temple of the Dog has scheduled tour dates, we’re at peak grunge nostalgia. Generation X is grabbing Millennials firmly by their (non-flannel) collar and saying, “Hey! Bands we love are coming back for a few tours to coincide with various milestone anniversaries and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Billy Corgan is hip to the highly-marketable nostalgia factor hanging around his generation’s music and knows that fans of the Smashing Pumpkins have been yearning for the original lineup to get back together for years. Now, in a Facebook vlog, the Great Pumpkin has dropped a few cryptic hints towards a proper reunion.

We know that Billy and James, the original Pumpkins are back on good terms. We know that drummer Jimmy Chamberlin is playing music with Billy for the fourth (ninth?) time, and now we know that bassist D’arcy Wretzky is open to playing bass again. All of this leads to Billy’s new band, which will be, “much different than Pumpkins music.”

It’s pretty much the entire current Pumpkins lineup (minus Jimmy). “So we’re going to be starting a new band, and we’re going to start working on music next week for the new band.” Does this mean he’s cleaning house for James, Jimmy and D’arcy to take over the roles that Billy’s current bandmates fill?

Is this happening?

(Via Consequence of Sound)