James Iha Reunited With Smashing Pumpkins For The First TIme In 16 Years

To say that the relationship between William “Billy” Corgan and the rest of the original members of the Smashing Pumpkins is strained would be a massive understatement. But we came one step closer to a full original lineup reunion on March 26 when guitarist James Iha joined the Pumpkins on stage for the first time in 16 years.

According to Alternative Nation, Iha joined the band at their In Plainsong tour stop in Los Angeles, replacing current touring guitarist Jeff Schroeder for.the Siamese Dream portion of the band’s set list. Iha and Corgan ran through “Mayonaisse”, “Rocket”, “Soma”, “Today”, “Spaceboy”, “Whir” and “Disarm.”

Corgan also brought out Iha during the encore to celebrate the guitarist’s birthday. The frontman offered Iha a cake and sang “Happy Birthday.”

That’s a far cry from an interview Corgan gave earlier this year in which he said that “there’s no relationship” between himself and Iha: