Inexplicably, Billy Ray Cyrus Wants You To Call Him Just ‘Cyrus’ Now

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04.28.17 11 Comments

Billy Ray Cyrus wants to drop most of his name and become just “Cyrus,” according to an interview in Rolling Stone. While we assume that both Roger Hill and the ancient Persian emperor are casting celestial side-eye from their tea time in the Great Beyond for trying to claim the mononym, Cyrus explained that he’s always wanted to be called by the singular name.

“I always went by Cyrus, and I begged Mercury Records to call me Cyrus in the beginning because that’s what I was comfortable with,” he said. “I’m going to the hospital where I was born in Bellefonte, Kentucky, and legally changing my name.”

You heard the man. If he wants only one name on his tombstone, then we can not begrudge him the bit of arth that covers his “Achy Breaky Heart.” And speaking of, the newly renamed country singer revealed some interesting news about his biggest hit. He’s recorded at least three new versions of the song to celebrate its upcoming 25th anniversary. Cyrus shared the version he recorded in the legendary Muscle Shoals studio — and you can hear that take below — but he also claimed to have recorded a Spanglish version and an EDM remix with Bootsy Collins. We needed both of those in our lives as of yesterday, but we’ll take what we have for now.

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