Blac Youngsta Wants To Buy You A New Booty

Getty Image

Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta could be considered one of rap’s most interesting personalities. He’s pulled stunts such as throwing huge stacks of money in grocery stores, gas stations, and even in the shower:

Youngsta’s money-focused acts of tomfoolery have captivated his fans on social media, but his latest stunt is nothing short of genius. To help promote his rising single “Booty,” he went to social media to announce that he’s teaming up with plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Miami to buy a lucky female fan a new butt.

The key to winning the sweepstakes is simple, the contestants have to first post a video twerking (with their old butts, we suppose) to Youngsta’s single, “Booty,” with he and Miami tagged.

The potential booty winners will have also have to hashtag #BuyMeABootyBlacYoungsta in the post as well. To top it all off, they will have to meet the so incredibly specific (that it fits within a flyer) medical criteria for the surgery, which includes being below the age of 48. Besides being ageist and possibly dangerous, this contest combines the narcissism of the social media age with the boasts of Blac Youngsta. The #BuyMeABootyBlacYoungsta competition ends on March 2, and if all goes well — this should be a success story for the ages.