Blur Is Getting Its Own Sweet And Tender Ice Cream

Britpop icons Blur have been experiencing a lot since their reunion and first studio album in 12 years, The Magic Whip, was released. And now they can add one more notch on their belt with news that the group is getting their very own ice cream for all the “Girls And Boys” to eat, of course.

Ice creamery The Licktators have announced they are creating a new flavor called The Magic Whip, a vanilla custard with raspberry sauce, in honor of the English rockers return. Sadly, for those of us stateside, the ice cream will only be available on their English tour and in select English supermarkets. If you’re feeling heavy FOMO, don’t worry — the company is also famous for making a breast milk flavor to coincide with the birth of the royal baby. So we’re missing out on some not so appetizing stuff as well.

(Via The Licktators)