Blxst And Larry June Tell Their Haters To ‘Keep Calling’ On The Carefree New Collaboration

Blxst released his new collaboration with Larry June called “Keep Calling” The free-spirited song finds Blxst opening with his verse as June supports him through some ad-lib style background vocals. “I just touched down, threw a surprise party for pops,” Blxst sings. “I ain’t even checkin’ the scoreboard, I stop / Double up on this world tour, then drop again / While you lookin for a block to spend.”

“Long as we got respect, we ain’t gotta be friends,” he continues. “They keep on callin’ / I keep on ballin’… Baby, my diamonds still hittin’ / They flawless.”

From there, June takes the lead on the second verse while still carrying the pacing over the hypnotic beat. “Rose gold piece and a diamond special / Pulled up in a Porsche playing My Confession,” he adds.

The duo appears just as carefree as their lyricism in the music video. Directed by Direct Dev and Blu, Blxst and Larry June pose in (and around) a car with a pretty girl, with the ocean view behind them all. They also hang out together on a basketball court, as a retro film filter gets overlayed during parts of the video.

Listen to Blxst and Larry June’s new song “Keep Calling” above.