Bon Iver In Prospect Park Last Night May Have Been The Most Brooklyn Thing Ever


As I’ve admitted previously, I’m late to the Bon Iver bandwagon, but man am I ever on it. It’s rare at this point in my life that I look upon someone with envy, but I sort of envy that guy’s talent in a “man I so wish I could sing/play/write songs like that guy” kind of way.

Still, when I heard that Bon Iver was playing a free show in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, I laughed pretty hard imagining it being the most Brooklyn thing in the history of Brooklyn — just an orgy of bearded, flannel-wearing hipsters and the milky white, makeup-less women who love them — and, by most accounts, it was.

But despite the comedy the mere thought of such an event is ripe with, the video below of the musician singing “Skinny Love” as thousands sang along gave me a mild bit of the chills and made me wish I could have been there. For despite the insufferable hipsterishness that was probably on display last night, there’s something really cool about going to any show where the performer and the crowd are completely in synch with each other. It’s kind of magical, really, and I think this clip of thousands singing along and hanging on every word of the song captures that. Still, as is always the case, you just had to be there to really feel it.

(Pic via Flickr)

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