Now You Can Watch Bon Iver’s ’22, A Million’ Press Conference Even If You Weren’t There

Bon Iver’s latest album 22, A Million is already making waves this year, both because it’s the Wisconsin band’s best album to date, and because the live show offers an incredibly stunning rendition of Justin Vernon’s sweeping astral folk.

Vernon didn’t do much press before releasing his band’s third record, but he did offer a handful of journalists the chance to come to his hometown and attend a press conference at The Oxbow Hotel. In a clip that’s over an hour long you can watch Vernon answer questions from journalists who had just heard 22, A Million for the first time. He even explains how to pronounce the song titles!

Bon Iver recently played their first string of live shows since the record’s release on September 30, and announced a new set of dates in New York City which sold out instantly. However, if you somehow do find a way to score tickets, do so! As nice as it is to hear Vernon describe the backstory to his music, it’s really seeing the songs that live that helps you understand how they unfold and take flight.

Vernon also shared a series of photos from the making of the album, that mostly focus on Eau Claire and different scenes from the recording process. Check those out here and watch the full press conference above.