Boogie Goes From Infatuation To Heartbreak In His Passionate ‘Won’t Be The Same’ Video

Boogie might be in album mode, but he’s still got some potent cuts from his 2016 gem Thirst 48 Pt. 2 that demand some more attention and he’s giving them the shine they deserve. The latest track from that LP to get the video treatment might be the best of the bunch in the poignant “Won’t Be The Same.”

The song is a painful tale of heartbreak and the gamut of emotions one goes through when suffering from that agony. It’s revealing and the accompanying video purposely leaves Boogie exposed, literally as he’s shirtless in front of a black screen, basically wearing nothing but his heart on his sleeve giving the viewer the chance to watch it break. It fits the track like a glove and is just another in a string of eloquent videos that have come from Thirst 48 Pt. 2.

“It’s an unhealthy cycle me and her had,” Boogie previously said of the relationship with his ex that inspired the track. Still, the cathartic experience of rapping about that unhealthy cycle is a release for him and a necessary evil. “It’s super fun to channel those emotions. It just feels good,” he said. “I don’t talk about it with nobody else, and I know it’s stuff I have to get off my chest so I just say it in the music.”

So while we all wait for his album to drop these videos will have to hold us over until there’s new emotional and scintillating music from the Compton prodigy. Any day now, hopefully.