Bow Wow Posted A Video Of Himself Being Chased By A Mob Of Fans But People Aren’t Buying It
Call it a case of crying wolf. Recently, Bow Wow took to Instagram where he shared a pretty cool clip of himself and some of his friends being chased by a mob of fans outside of a venue in Charlotte, North Carolina after one of the stops on his current SoSoSummer tour. The footage itself is harrowing, almost Beatles-esque with screaming girls, and fleet-footed fans. In the caption, Bow Wow wrote, “On tour and im still getting chased.” Adding, “I’m 30, i think i pulled something.”

The only problem is, a lot of people on Twitter and Instagram just aren’t buying that the video is real. Ever since the #BowWowcChallenge that stemmed from him faking the use of a private plane, it seems like folks just aren’t willing to take Bow Wow’s antics at face value. The comments section in particular is loaded with skeptics weigh in on the clip’s veracity.

“You need to be on that show..JEOPARDY…Your catagory.. THINGS I WANT SO BADLY,” someone wrote. “I just want to know how was there (someone you knew) already there, patiently, waiting & recording?” another person asked. Meanwhile a different commenter pointed out that, “You can clearly see them standing still in front of the crowd if you watch the video through and let it restart. Dude is 30 and still faking videos for Instagram. Yikes lol.” And of course, there were a whole lot of “L’s” to be had.

One Instagram user, @ysingleton1922, did come to Bow Wow’s defense however, writing, “He was really chased my daughters and I were at the SoSo Def Rap Game Tour. First of all Bow Wow did have a tour bus. When you came out to the back the kids in the rap game tour bus was our [sic] there and Jermaine Dupri. My daughters took pictures with Supa Peach, Miss Mullato, and Lil Key. When Bow Wow came out he was walking towards his tour bus. Half of the kids were calling his named and chased him.”

So who knows what’s really true and what isn’t? That’s the entire problem I guess. Decide for yourself and let us know in the comments section below.