Bow Wow Insists The Viral Video Of Fans Chasing Him Wasn’t Part Of The #BowWowChallenge
Chances are you’ve probably seen the clip of Bow Wow taking off in a dead sprint being chased by a pack of fans like a damn Beatle after one of his recent gigs in North Carolina. Because it’s Bow Wow we’re taking about, and because he has a history of maybe playing around with the way he presents his image online, many people were skeptical of the authenticity of the footage. Was it staged? Did he pay them? Well, now, the man himself is stepping out to say that the whole thing is real.

TMZ caught up with Bow Wow during a down moment on his current tour and asked him about the incident. As he tells it, “Our tour buses was parked like not really where they was supposed to be and I just remember being at the top of the loading dock with Jermaine, and Jermaine is like ‘Yo, you cannot go out there.’ I’m like, ‘Look, I’m not about to stand in the loading dock all day. We gotta get to the bus.’ So I told him that I’m gonna try to run around the crowd. And he’s like, ‘Good luck.’”

Then, once he decided to go for it, “I had to gradually walk through the crowd first. It was smooth until one grabbed my shirt, and I said, okay, I might as well make a dash because there was a whole other gate that was in front of us that you guys never see that was full of kids. So, when I started running, I look back. One started running, two, then three, then eight, then 12, then 20. Then it was like, alright we gotta go,”

Though he is insistent that the whole thing wasn’t a publicity stunt or an attempt to duplicate the #BowWowChallenge when he got busted for flying commercial after posting a picture on Instagram of a private jet, a few questions still remain. Why did he start running from a dead stop? Why was someone conveniently posted up in front to film the whole thing? Why exactly was their tour bus in the general admission parking lot far from the venue?

Still seems fishy.