Bow Wow Claims He Dated Kim Kardashian Before Kanye West

It stands to reason that Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss), who spent much of 2017 taking and holding several very public L’s, would want to score some points with a W to end the year. However, while the noted teller of tall tales may have been speaking the truth when he told Melyssa Ford he once dated Kim Kardashian on Ford’s Hollywood Unlocked Dash Radio show, it’s probably best to take anything he says with a grain of salt. The video above is queued up to the point in the interview he makes the claims.

According to Moss, he traded info with the notorious party girl back when she was still primarily known as “Paris Hilton’s bag-holder,” claiming that the two “kicked it hard” pre-Reggie Moss, Ray J, or Kanye West. He states he “kept it low” due to it being his first experience dating a non-Black woman and worrying about how his fans would react, but plays coy when asked if they made their relationship physical. “I respect ‘Ye, so, therefore, I ain’t gonna say everything… but like I said, if I’m f*ckin’ with somebody, then I’m f*ckin’ with somebody.”

Of course, coming from the gentleman who Instagrammed a photo of someone else’s private jet to flex and repeatedly tried to pass off videos of people running as proof that he continues to be mobbed by fans long after his rap career sputtered into non-being, it’s a little hard to swallow his boasting as anything more than another reach for attention. In any case, Kim certainly upgraded, so it’s hard to see how Shad expected this story to do anything other than cap off his year in the same place where it began.