Watch Brian McKnight’s Stunning Rendition Of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ From The Panthers/Cardinals Game

Seems people love to wait for an artist to mess up the “Star Spangled Banner” before a sporting event so they can take to Twitter and mock their fake patriotism. That did not happen this Saturday when R&B singer Brian McKnight took to the field before the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers wild-card game and stunned everyone into having goosebumps with his soaring rendition of the national anthem.

As you can see from the video, it was one helluva performance and seemed to bring out the best in social media. Something we all know is very rare these days. He even began trending the next day in the U.S, and many Panthers fans took to Twitter declaring this was clearly a sign their team was going all the way this year.

Man, if everyone is this supportive of a good performance, can you imagine how they would’ve been if he flubbed a note? That woulda gotten real nasty, real fast. Great Job, McKnight. We really believed “bombs were bursting in air”, and that is a huge

(Via Gossip Cop / Buzzfeed)