Mahalia, Tiana Major9, And MNEK Call Out The BRIT Awards For A Lack Of R&B Nominees

Not everyone is excited for the upcoming BRIT Awards. The ceremony, which supposedly showcases and awards the best in UK music this year has noticeably overlooked R&B acts in its nominations.

Noteable British R&B musicians immediately called out the BRITs for their negligence.

In the category for Best Pop/R&B Act are Cat Burns, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith and Charli XCX. R&B singer Tiana Major9 took to Twitter to express her frustration, asking the BRITs, “Are you purposely trying to antagonise R&B artists?”

Some fans argued that the acts in this category were all pop acts. Even more said that R&B should have its own category.

“Forget putting us in this category. Give us our own!!!!! How many times do we have to scream at you?,” said R&B singer Mahalia.

She continued, saying, “Winning awards isn’t the reason why we make and release music. We do this sh*t out of love. But, at this point, it’s nothing short of disrespectful.”

Singer and songwriter MNEK also weighed in, noting that there are several promising R&B acts coming out of the UK.

“OK this is silly now,” he said. “We get it. UK industry doesn’t know what to do with R&B. But there’s enough R&B/hiphop artists to have their own category at LEAST. Bellah, Tiana Major 9, Jack James, FLO, None of these artists (ESPECIALLY @catburns) is making R&B music.”

He continued, saying, “it’s whack cos the gen pop will think cos Cat is black, she’s R&B. I also think it’s whack cos the category would still be valid if the “R&B” wasn’t added, BPI could do with explaining the need for this in the award title. Cos, it’s not like the people haven’t spoken!”

The BRIT Awards recipients are set to be revealed on Saturday, February 11, during a televised ceremony in the UK.

Some of the artists mentioned here are Warner Music artists. .