Britney Spears And Ellen Act Like A-Holes At The Mall Because They’re Celebrities

09.07.16 3 years ago

We’ve all read stories about celebrities complaining about constant media attention. And we know that when they have to do everyday human things, like leave their mansions to pick up their kids from school or go grocery shopping, they sometimes try (often without success) to blend in by wearing casual attire and by hiding their easily recognizable faces behind large sunglasses, wigs or hats. (Which can sometimes draw even more attention to it, because fame is a vicious cycle.)

It’s understandable that being hounded constantly would take an emotional and psychological toll on a person. But Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears decided to use their fame to their advantage in this satirical new clip from Ellen on Wednesday.

In the video, the duo goes to the mall while Ellen encourages Brit to behave badly, or more specifically, like a rich jackass. They cause several scenes, yelling and drawing attention to themselves, and just steal items because of their fame. Ellen even encourages a child from giving up his dream of being a doctor, telling him that instead he should just be famous and make way more money. They also visit the food court, where Ellen demands extra sprinkles for Britney, reminding the server that “Britney has more money than Ben and Jerry put together.”

The whole thing is fake, obviously — and in fact, Spears and DeGeneres seem like two of the more likable and self-deprecating celebrities — but it is pretty funny to see them act like stereotypical divas.

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