Brockhampton Announces A New Album Just A Day Before The Release Of ‘Saturation III’

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It turns out, Los Angeles collective Brockhampton may have jumped the gun just a tad when they announced their forthcoming album Saturation III would be their last. Perhaps it was an overzealous reaction, or maybe it was the actual plan to call it quits after the new album hits retailers December 15, but the group has reneged on the statement and now they’re promising another album before this one even drops.

The group announced their fourth studio album Team Effort on Twitter without divulging any further details, but killing the “last studio album” talk in the process. Continuing on makes sense, especially after the collective rose to fame and received heaps of critical acclaim for what is now the Saturation trilogy. The future is bright for the group, and another album next year will be a welcomed addition to playlists everywhere.

The announcement comes on the same day as their latest release, “Stains,” and with Saturation III arriving later tonight, it’s going to be a busy week for the whole team. The indie darlings likely have labels banging down their doors daily, but clearly they can handle all of their work on their own. And the more quality material they keep churning out, the higher their price is going to get.