Bruce Springsteen Forgot Where He Was While Trying To Pump Up A Cleveland Crowd

We all make mistakes, even The Boss makes a few from time to time. For a 66-year-old who is known for playing three and a half hour concerts regularly, I think it’s safe to say we can let this little flub slide by.

At Bruce Springsteen’s show in Pittsburgh, or uh Cleveland, rather, on Tuesday, the New Jersey native yelled out “Party noises, Pittsburgh!” before quickly realizing the Pittsburgh show happened in January. You can clearly hear a fan in the video say “what?” immediately after The Boss says Pittsburgh. Springsteen recovered right away by following up the Pittsburgh reference with a “and Cleveland, too!” Smooth move, Bruce. Smooth move. It’s not like he couldn’t find the stage in Cleveland, which seems to have been an issue for other artists in the past. With Cleveland being the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you would think the legendary musician would have remembered where he was. If Drew Carey has taught us anything, it’s that Cleveland rocks! (Does that reference still apply?)

For all of the cool parents in the audience with their children, we can only hope they wrote a tardy letter as good as this Springsteen fan’s.


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