Bryson Tiller Updates Fans On His ‘Anniversary’ Deluxe And ‘Serenity’ Albums

After a three-year absence, Bryson Tiller made his return to the music world in late 2020 with two projects: his Trapsoul deluxe album and Anniversary. Shortly after he released the latter project, the singer revealed that there was more music on the way for fans and during a recent stream on his Twitch channel, Tiller shared his plans for the next 12 months.

His first update was about his Serenity album. Before he dove into the new details, Bryson revealed that the album was one that he’s incrementally worked on since his 2017 album True To Self. Due to his struggles with depression, however, he was forced to put the album’s creation on pause to better himself and find the right “peace of mind” to continue working on it. That time finally came and now the album is on the way, but it won’t be your typical project.

“Over the years, I realized how much f*cking music that I had for Serenity, all this different sh*t, so Serenity is now not one album, but it’s three albums,” the singer said during the stream. “It’s three volumes, one is a rap album, one is an R&B album, and then one is a pop album.”

While this is exciting news for fans there is just one obstacle in the way of its release.

“Until I figure out the sh*t for my deal, with my label and all that sh*t, the business side, I can’t necessarily give that,” Bryson said about a potential release date, though he does still plan to release Serenity sometime in 2021. “That’s the only thing holding those projects back.”

As if the triple album wasn’t enough for fans, the Lousiville singer will also drop a complete Anniversary album soon. He said the original project was “never finished to begin with,” but because of a deadline to submit the album, he was forced to release what was complete at the time. During an appearance on Sneaker Shopping with Complex, an on-screen message revealed the deluxe album would arrive at some point in February.

You can watch talk about the album in the video above.