Bryson Tiller’s ‘Always Forever’ Video Starring Kehlani Is An Intimate Snapshot Of A Relationship

Bryson Tiller’s third studio album Anniversary fittingly arrived on the five-year anniversary of his debut LP Trapsoul. The only guest appearance on the entire effort was by Drake on Tiller’s track “Outta Time.” Now, Tiller aims to incorporate other musicians into the project by tapping Kehlani to star in the video alongside his song “Always Forever.”

Through a handful of vignettes, Tiller’s “Always Forever” visual offers an intimate look at a relationship. It opens with Kehlani and Tiller sharing a quiet moment in a diner before quickly moving through other scenes of their time together.

Ahead of the release of his “Always Forever” video, Tiller joined Travis Scott in an interview about raising Black daughters. Tiller praised his daughter for her creativity while recognizing that his Louisville hometown has recently been the epicenter of Black Lives Matter protests against Breonna Taylor’s murder:

“My daughter’s super creative, man. And she’ll be giving me ideas for crazy stuff. Listen to my music in the studio and vibe with me. It’s crazy what’s going on though, especially back in my hometown. You all know they just calling Louisville the epicenter for what’s going on with Breonna Taylor and everything that happened. And man, I ain’t never seen nothing like it happen in my life. I was just like, ‘Wow.’ I’m 27 years old. I been dealt with racism plenty of times. You know what I mean? Growing up, walking down the street, just normal. It was normal to me.”

Watch Bryson Tiller’s “Always Forever” video above.

Anniversary is out now via RCA/Trapsoul. Get it here.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.