Burna Boy Responds To The Moment With His Incendiary ‘Monsters You Made’ Video

Burna Boy‘s new album Twice As Tall, out now through Atlantic Records, finds the African star taking the status quo to task with fiery lyricism and a bold, defiant stance that positions him as a revolutionary looking to take down the oppressive system. The song best embodying this concept from the album is the Chris Martin-featuring “Monsters You Made,” on which Burna Boy takes issue with 600-plus years of colonialism. In the new video for the song released today, he makes it plain, with imagery invoking militias the world over.

The video comes along at an eerily prescient moment, with uprisings that seemed to have cooled over the summer flaring up once again in the wake of the shooting death of Jacob Black at the hands of the Kenosha, Wisconsin police department. In the video, Burna’s millitia ambushes a money truck convoy, collecting the stacks of bills into a building-sized pile and setting it ablaze. If that’s too metaphorical for you, Burna’s pointing out capitalism’s hand in the racially-motivated oppression of Black people — specifically in Africa, but broadly, the world over — and pointing out that the only justice to be doled out is only done so when the money is threatened. Take from that what you will.

Watch the “Monsters You Made” video above.

Twice As Tall is out now via Atlantic Records. Get it here.

Burna Boy is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.