Cam’ron Wants You To Know He’s Not Beefing With 50 Cent, Jay Z Or Nas Anymore

Once upon a time, Cam’ron was rap’s premiere sh*t-starter. The Harlem vet has never been afraid to knock a superstar off his pedestal and take a lasting bite out of their aura with a potent diss track or five. At his peak, Cam had to be respected both lyrically and in terms of popularity so when he threw his haymakers he at least elicited a response, no matter how big the act he was attacking. He knew all that, so he went at other artists often and people loved him for it.

Well, it appears the sh*t-starting days are over for Cam as he sat down with ThisIs50 to discuss his old and now squashed feuds with Jay Z, Nas and, of course, 50 Cent.

“A lot of issues was music, it wasn’t really a big deal,” Cam said of all his old beefs. “That was 10 years ago, me and 50 had a conversation, we good.” Now, Killa says he’s looking forward to working with 50 Cent, not necessarily on music, but collaborating nonetheless. “I’m more looking into movies and television, and we can do sh*t like that ’cause I’m a funny n***a, he’s a funny n***a and we both can do good in acting.” He went on to say he’s “about to branch off into TV,” which, judging by his brief cooking show-esque appearance on Noisey and Friends a few weeks ago, is a great idea.

Cam’ron also said his spat with Jay Z is over, despite the fact that they haven’t talked to each other in years. “I respect what Jay Z (has) done for the culture,” he said. “I’m proud of them ni***s man, because a lot of times people don’t get to see people where we come from make it that far.” And finally on Nas, Cam said there’s no issues there either and they actually flew back from Las Vegas together recently and things were “cool.”

Cam capped off the whole interview with what sounded like the growth of a man who turned 40 this year and is just over it all. “At the end of the day it’s like, I could still be ignorant and be me, but for what? A lot of time, n****s is stuck in a time warp, to where it’s like, this is what went on in your high school career so you’re stuck in that.”

In theory, this could all be Cam drumming up publicity for Killa Season 2, which he mentioned was dropping in late November, but he seems genuine, saying “We’re doing other sh*t, that’s over with we’re moving on.” Look, if 50 Cent and The Game can squash their beef I guess anything is possible. Except for 50 and Ja Rule ending their beef, because that’s forever.