Hip-Hop Fans Had Their Minds Blown By Cardi B’s Pregnancy Announcement At The 2021 BET Awards

Among Cardi B’s many, many impressive accomplishments over the past few years, perhaps the most impressive one is that she’s managed to pull them all off while raising her daughter Kulture. In an industry where motherhood can often threaten the end of a musician’s career, Cardi’s defiant insistence on doing the double duty of child rearing and being an international superstar has made her a rarity in the hip-hop industry, as well as a shining light of the possibilities available to a woman who won’t settle for the status quo.


Now, Cardi B is taking that double duty even further, adding another kid to the equation and giving Kulture a little brother or sister. She kept her pregnancy a secret until tonight’s 2021 BET Awards ceremony, revealing her baby belly as she joined Migos for their performance, and sharing a photo to her Instagram shortly thereafter. Fans, naturally, went ballistic upon learning Cardi would soon bring a new life into the world. While BET Awards viewers are already inclined to turn the performers and honorees into trending topics, this one went super viral, as Cardi B jumped to No. 2 on the trending topics list.

Check them out below.


Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .