Cardi B Reportedly Asks A Judge To Delay Her ‘Gangsta B*tch’ Copyright Trial Because She Just Gave Birth

Cardi B has been keeping busy lately. Not only did she recently hop on Lizzo’s new single “Rumors,” but she just gave birth to her second child with Offset earlier this month. Because she’s presumably taking time off of working to take care of her newborn, the rapper has reportedly asked a judge to delay a trial for a copyright infringement over her early music.

Cardi B’s debut mixtape, Gangsta B*tch Music Vol. 1, features salacious cover art that includes a man with elaborate back tattoos. After the project’s release, Cardi was hit with a lawsuit by Kevin Brophy, who claims the back tattoos in the image are his, but he never posed for the photo or gave Cardi permission to use his likeness. In the lawsuit, Brophy claims the cover art “ruined his life,” and cost him at least $5 million in damages, per a report from TMZ. The lawsuit was filed four years ago was finally slated to go to trial next month, but TMZ reports Cardi is trying to delay it even further.

The rapper reportedly filed court documents insisting the birth of her second child prohibits her from traveling all the way from the east coast to southern California for the court date. Plus, the rapper is concerned about COVID travel risks and wants to avoid spending extended time in public spaces like airports, hotels, and the courthouse. Cardi has allegedly asked a judge to delay the trial for at least 75 days due to her reasons, so it looks like Brophy may have to wait a little longer to confront the rapper in court.

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