Cardi B Faces Her Fears In A New Halloween Episode Of ‘Cardi Tries’

Cardi B is pumping out new episodes of her Cardi Tries web series, and today’s installment sees Cardi facing her fears (just in time for Halloween). Well, it’s one fear specifically that she confronts: heights.

Cardi explained her fear of heights, saying, “I’m scared to fall and tumble and break my leg, or break my teeth, or I get hit. I don’t like to get hit. I don’t like to get bruised up anymore. I just don’t like it. Even sometimes when I be trying to climb the pole, I’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m too high.’ That’s crazy because I wasn’t like that before. I feel like getting money makes you sensitive.”

To confront those fears, Cardi faced a series of challenges, administered by Denzel Dion, host of the We Said What We Said podcast. For one, Cardi, along with Dion’s co-host Rickey Thompson, put on a VR headset and rode up a virtual elevator until she found herself high up in a building. The elevator opened up to just a plank hanging over a city, which she walked while freaking out all the while. Things then got a little more real when she and Thompson hopped in a construction vehicle and were lifted 30 feet in the air, a situation that she handled without issue.

For the finale, Cardi and Thompson got in a box and were lifted high in the air by a crane. During the ascent, Thompson was not thriving, so when they got up to 80 feet (20 feet short of their 100-foot target), he insisted that the pair be lowered.

Watch the new Cardi Tries episode here.

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