Cardi B Is Writing A Book About How She’s A ‘B*tch From The Streets’

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Cardi B took to social media this weekend to fight back against hip-hop’s double standards.

On Sunday, Cardi hosted an Instagram Live, where she chatted with fans and addressed the pressures she faces to be a “respectable” role model. While it’s always nice to have figures to look up to, male rappers rarely face the same pressure to behave a certain way, and are scrutinized much less by the media when they don’t fit those expectations. “Let me tell you something. I’m a rapper, I’m a b*tch that came from the streets that came to the industry,” Cardi said. “I wasn’t a Disney Channel star, I wasn’t a nun, I wasn’t a saint.”

While male rappers who talk about their pasts are celebrated, Cardi is tired of getting criticized for hers. “And y’all don’t gotta worry about it, y’all don’t gotta tell my story,” the rapper elaborated, “I’m gonna write a book about my life.”

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Cardi tired of y’all n*ggas fr fr

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After the Instagram live, the rapper posted some tweets elaborating on her frustration with the respectability politics of women in hip-hop. She didn’t call out who was criticizing her, but these indirects imply somebody was harassing her on social media. Cardi said she’d be off Twitter for a few days, but hopefully the haters aren’t getting her too down. She has a book to write!

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