Carrie Underwood Surprised Nashville Predators Fans With A Magnificent National Anthem Performance

Carrie Underwood is pretty unequivocally one of the biggest stars in Nashville and the music industry in general. But after the global superstar married NHL player Mike Fisher she became a country hit maker who was also very vocal about her support for whatever hockey team her better half happened to be on at any given time. Once Fisher was traded to the Nashville Predators a few seasons back, both sides of her life merged into one, making her hockey fandom much easier to manage considering she can now support the team that belongs to the city in which she spends a lot of time already.

On Monday night, as the Predators looked to extend a 2-0 series lead against rival Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Underwood surprised the crowd by emerging from the tunnel before the game, stepping onto the ice in a Preds jersey, and blowing everybody away with a great rendition of the National Anthem. While her appearance as the night’s singer of honor might have been a shock, her vocal talents are certainly not a surprise at all. Even in a cold rink with her husband about to take the ice, nothing held Carrie back from rallying the crowd with a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

After she performed, the singer stuck around (of course) and even gave a shout out to the raucous crowd in the arena. She even sported a “Smash” hat (for Smashville) in an Instagram post before the game.

Fans loved the performance, because who wouldn’t?

We’re not saying this incredible save happened specifically due to the power of Carrie’s performance, but that’s probably the reason.