Carrie Underwood And Keith Urban Knock Out A Fiery Performance Of Their Duet ‘The Fighter’

Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban are two of the biggest country stars out there right now, which is saying something considering both of their careers have spanned more than a decade at this point and haven’t slowed down one bit. They both appeared on the Grammys stage on Sunday night to perform their duet “The Fighter” and proved why that’s the case. Besides neither of them looking like they’ve aged since they stepped on the scene (have they both gotten more beautiful and youthful somehow?), their voices haven’t changed either.

“The Fighter” is the kind of old fashioned country duet that the genre was built on, both bombastic and loving and imbued with all the emotion that losing that type of deep, lasting love could bring. Even though Carrie and Keith aren’t a real couple, they showed off their talent as performers as well by bringing a couple-like connection to the stage without skipping a beat.

Up and comers in the country world are bringing their own sound and performing style to the industry, in a much needed way as most would attest, but sometimes it is still nice to be reminded of where country music came from and have a song, and performance, like this one that honors and elevates the original ethos of the genre.