Premiere: Hear Catch Prichard’s Slow-Burning, Grizzled Folk Song ‘Don’t Want It’

After hearing his voice, it’s hard to conceive of Sawyer Gebauer as a teenager. His voice is grizzled and tender, somewhere between a growl and a plaintive howl. But Gebauer was exactly 19 when he first uprooted his entire life in pursuit of music; at the time, the Wisconin musician moved all the way across the world to Sweden to join the European band Brittsommar, a collective who featured a rotating cast of musicians throughout their tenure. After traveling back and forth between Europe and the States touring with the group, they recorded their last and final project, the Mary Me EP in California in 2015, and Gebauer struck off on his own soon after.

Now, he’s begun recording solo work under the name Catch Prichard, and released his debut EP under that name, Eskota, back in 2016. To follow that up this year he’s sharing a series of singles called O.K. Cool and we’re premiering one of them today. “Don’t Want It” builds over a sweet, lowly guitar line, punctuated by Gebauer’s mesmerizing, burnt out vocals and stately brass. It’s a good introduction to his slow folk style for newcomers, and picks right up where his last EP left off. Listen above and look for more from him coming very soon.