Historic Punk Venue CBGB Is Reopening (As A Restaurant In A New Jersey Airport)

CBGB's Final Farewell With Patti Smith
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“Gabba gabba hey, do you want fries with that?”

CBGB, the fabled New York venue that became a second home to The Ramones, Patti Smith, and Television, shuttered in 2006, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places seven years later. But now Hilly Kristal’s dirty club is reopening… in an airport… in New Jersey. Sheena is no longer a punk rocker; she’s a middle-aged mom serving overpriced milkshakes.

Gothamist, via Grub Street, reports that of the “55 restaurants, bars, and hybrid food spaces [scheduled] to open at Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal C,” one is a CBGB-themed spot that will serve “American fare in a fun environment recalling the legendary music venue.”

It’s about as punk as Lullaby Versions of Fall Out Boy.

Menu items include Prime Rib for $42, “Classic Cheeseburger” for $12.50, and Deviled Eggs (who played CBGB in 1986) for $9. There are no pun(k)-based options, which seems like a missed opportunity ($13 for a Smoked Beet Salad is a ripoff, but I’d pay that for Minor Threat’s Caesar Salad Days). Why, it’s almost as if this New Jersey airport restaurant that’s using the name of a legendary anti-establishment punk rock venue for profit is a half-assed idea.

(Via Gothamist)