The UK ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Announcement Of David Bowie’s Death Was An Unmitigated Disaster

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As you may recall, at the time of the sad passing of David Bowie earlier this week, the rock legend’s ex-wife, Angie Bowie, was residing at the UK Celebrity Big Brother house, where she was prohibited from contact with the outside world and therefore had not heard the news. Angie had been David Bowie’s first wife from 1970 to 1980 and the two share a son, director Duncan Jones.

Eventually producers were forced to tell Angie about her ex-husband’s death, and it did not go well. Not because of Angie’s reaction, mind you, but because she chose to confide in fellow cast member Tiffany “New York” Pollard. You may remember Pollard best from VH1’s celeb-reality programming (Flavor of Love, I Love New York, I Love New York 2, etc.) as well as her penchant for wildly overreacting.

And unfortunately, when Angie told Pollard, in the strictest of confidentiality, that “David is dead,” much like the literal doctor in Arrested Development she failed to specify that it was her ex-husband David, and not David Gest — the former husband of Liza Minnelli and also a fellow resident of the house. Which unsurprisingly caused all holy hell to break loose.

While the nuclear bomb that is New York reigned down fiery hell upon the Big Brother house, Angie quickly rushed to the confessional where she wailed, “It’s a mess! I forgot that she screams and she started screaming and she thought it was David Gest…” Later she claimed that she had only told Pollard because the Flavor of Love star had noticed that Angie was upset and that she had been keeping in the news up to that point because she didn’t want to hurt her pride.

Either way, the delicate news could have been handled better by literally every single party involved, because there are a lot of people out there genuinely mourning Bowie’s death.

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