Watch Some Of The World’s Most Major Celebrities Do Dramatic Readings Of Kanye West’s Tweets

First, Josh Groban sang Kanye West’s tweets. Then, Pizza Hut made fun of Kanye West’s tweets. Now, many of the major celebrities (and Monica Lewinsky) have taken their turn at bat by doing dramatic reenactments of Kanye West’s tweets at the Oscars.

Beloved YouTube cherub Tyler Oakley took to the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars party to ask celebrities–at least those who weren’t too scared of facing the wrath of ‘Ye–to read some of West’s most popular tweets out loud without any context or direction (kind of like the tweets themselves, but that’s none of my business…) and they turned it out real good. From Chris Hardwick grabbing Oakley’s hand while delivering a line about love, to Mindy Kaling bemoaning the difficulty of sleeping on fur pillows, there’s no end to the standout moments in this video. Conan O’Brien? He’s here delivering a few lines about salmon. Topher Grace and Whoopi Goldberg? They may be talented, but they’re not Kanye West. Even Captain Picard shows up to show off some of that classical theater training everyone’s always raving about.

Of course, if there had to be an award given for “Best Dramatic Reading of a Kanye West Tweet on the Red Carpet,” it would have to go to Will Arnett, who reads a tweet about humility with such intensity, you can literally feel him smolder at you (creepily) through the screen. We don’t know what it is about that guy, but he really gets the true essence of Kanye West’s Twitter across without actually being Kanye himself. So eerie! (Next time, try to get Liam Neeson!)

Honorable mention, of course, has to go to Monica Lewinsky (who was at the Oscars!) for needing to have the term “a kazoo in this b*tch” explained to her. Thank god for Tyler Oakley. I don’t think anyone else knew what the hell that tweet was about, either.