Chance The Rapper Stands With Mo’Nique Even As ‘The Breakfast Club’ Ridicules Her Fight For Equal Pay

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Comedian and actress Mo’Nique has been doing the media rounds trying to raise awareness of race and gender bias that still exists in Hollywood. She was negotiating for a Netflix comedy special but thought that the ubiquitous film streaming service was lowballing her compared to what they offered comedian Amy Schumer. Schumer received over $11 million dollars for her special and managed to get a raise when mentioning Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle’s $20 million dollar paydays for their own comedy specials. Mo’Nique says she received just a $500,000 offer, which she feels is far below her worth.

There has been mixed response to her demands, with many people on social media noting that they don’t plan to boycott Netflix as Mo’Nique requested. Others have done parodies and expressed why they feel she’s wrong. She has done several interviews that have gotten testy, including a recent talk with New York radio station Power 105’s The Breakfast Club that was marked by radio host Charlamagne Tha God’s seemingly willful ignorance of why Mo’Nique is fighting.

He had previously given her his “Donkey Of The Day” title for requesting a Netlifx boycott. “Donkey Of The Day” is a segment reserved for people who embarrass themselves in Charlamagne’s eyes. It’s one thing to disagree with her assertion that she deserves $20 million dollars, but to ridicule her for seeking equality – and even deny her accusations of gender bias – is too far.

Perhaps that’s why who else but Chance The Rapper attempted to offer some light to Mo’Nique, with a succinct “I’m with Mo’Nique” tweet. He also noted the time Mo’Nique did a comedy special in a women’s correctional facility, before tweeting “Black women, you deserve better.” Mo’Nique had complained about a lack of celebrity allies in her fight as a “fat Black woman,” but now she certainly has one.

Kudos to Chance for standing by her in her fight.