Chance The Rapper Provides A Humorous Recap Of President Obama’s Farewell Party

And that’s a wrap on that. The final blackest event that will ever be held at the White House ever again went down over the weekend. President Obama’s Farewell Party was attended by an array of celebrities and famous faces. Dave Chappelle, Solange, John Legend & Chrissy Teigen, Jay Pharoah, Kelly Rowland, Charles Barkley, La La Anthony, Wale, Usher, Magic Johnson were just a few of the notable guest who partied until 4 AM with the Obamas as they bid farewell to the White House. Also present of course was Chance The Rapper who’s dad, Ken Bennett, served as President Obama’s state director back in his Chicago senator days.

Lli Chano From 79th had a ball at the event, telling fans that the party was, “was historic, black, and beautiful.” According to Chance, it was a night filled with dancing, laughing, love and lots of hugs. And speaking of hugs, Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro give great hugs, apparently. The rapper ranked all the great moments he witnessed Saturday night and shared it with fans on social media.

According to Chance:

Best Dressed: Chance The Rapper
Best Looking: Esperanza Spalding
Strongest Handshake: Dave Chapelle
Best Joke: Chance The Rapper
Best Compliment: Dave Chapelle
Best Hugs: Tom Hanks and Robert DiNero
Best Dance: Michelle Obama with the folks
Best Line Dance Creation: Chance The Rapper and his mom with the Electric Slide
Best Party Ever: President Obama’s Farewell Party

I don’t know. The list seems biased but whatever.

President Obama makes his final speech from Chicago Tuesday, January 10, which will then be followed by a national day of mourning January 11. Sigh.