Watch Chance The Rapper Put On A Play With Cookie Monster And Elmo On ‘Sesame Street’

A bit over a year ago, Chance The Rapper posted a pair of videos to his social media accounts, of him on the set of Sesame Street. In one, he made a joke with Oscar The Grouch about his music being trash, and in the other, he and some of the residents of the titular street gave a quick shout-out to his daughter, who was surely ecstatic to see her father hanging out with the iconic characters. That was back in December 2017, and this weekend, Chance’s Sesame Street segment finally aired.

Sesame Street segments with celebrity guests are usually silly and fun, and that’s true here too. In the clip, Chance and Cookie Monster put on a play, with Elmo as director. The play is about a monster who loves cookies, and in a bizarre casting choice from Elmo, Chance gets the role of the treat-adoring creature, while Cookie Monster plays Waiter #3. Try as he might, though, Chance just can’t get his lines right, so eventually, the two change roles and the show goes on without a hitch.

In completely unrelated Chance The Rapper news, he recently apologized for working with R. Kelly in the past, writing in a tweet, “I apologize to all his survivors for working with him and for taking this long to speak out.”

Watch Chance The Rapper on Sesame Street above.