Charli XCX Outrageously Dressed Up As Ed Sheeran And Lip-Synced ‘Shape Of You’

Many of the biggest pop, film, and sports stars go all the way out when they appear on the television show Lip Sync Battle. Who among us will ever forget the time Channing Tatum channeled his inner Beyonce while pouring himself into “Run The World?” Or when LaVar Ball broke the Internet and ran through Nas’ “Hate Me Now.” Or when Kate Upton cinched up the pigtails and dominated with her take on Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time.”

During her appearance on Lip Sync Battle, Charli XCX decided to pull out all the stops. Not only did she bust out Ed Sheeran’s world-beating single “Shape Of You,” she did so while dressed in drag, mimicking the singer’s signature ginger hair and beard while donning an olive green hoody and a pair of atrocious, too-long shorts.

One person who was thoroughly impressed by the display was ’80s pop icon Boy George, who remarked that, “I ain’t never seen Ed do those sorts of moves, now I’m gonna feel cheated when I go and see him. He’s gonna need to dance like you! It was amazing.”

You can watch Charli XCX disappear into her role of Ed Sheeran in the video above.