Rihanna Still Has Charlie Sheen’s ‘Diapers’ In A Bunch

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Charlie Sheen is old, white, angry and entitled as hell. The former Two And Half Men star is still feeling about as salty as cured meat about that time Rihanna wouldn’t hang out with him and his ex-fiance, Scottine Sheen. Even though it was her birthday at the time.

Back in 2014 Sheen tweeted out this long dribble detailing his failed attempt to make his ex fiancee’s day by introducing her to Rihanna. It didn’t work out because, according to Sheen, Rihanna’s reps told him it wouldn’t be a good time as there were too many paparazzos around. Sheen went on to call the “Work” singer the “village idiot,” a “douche” and erroneously predicted her star would fade in his rant criticizing her lack of “gratitude.” This was at the time Rihanna was the clapback queen, so she changed her Twitter banner pic to a photoshopped picture of her signing an autograph for Sheen. She also tweeted, “Gooooorl…. If that old queen don’t get ha diapers out of a bunch…”

Well, those diapers are still bunching up on Sheen, who appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and called Rihanna a bitch. Cohen asked Sheen whether he ever made amends with Rih Rih after their Twitter feud and after Tiger Blood didn’t hold back.

“Oh! That bitch!” Sheen responded after recalling the three-year-old beef. “No, [I haven’t mended things with her]. She abandoned common courtesy and common sense, you know?”

Yikes! I think my copy of Charlie Sheen’s book on common courtesy is missing a few pages because I had no idea fans were entitled to celebrity shout outs and autographs. Either way, the 51-year-old actor may want to see about letting that three-year-old hurt go. There’s absolutely no way all that pent-up bitterness is good for his compromised health.

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