Cher And Future Dueted On A Trap Version Of Sly And The Family Stone’s Classic ‘Everyday People’

Future is not someone who’s afraid to collaborate with other artists. Across his career, the Atlanta “Super Trapper” has linked up with a wide and diverse range of different musical talents, from Drake to Rihanna, The Weeknd to Pusha T and so on. His latest collaboration might just be his greatest yet however, as he’s recently linked up with no less than Cher to become the new faces of the clothing retailer Gap.

In the new spot together, the pair share their distinct musical talents on an incredible, trap version of Sly And The Family Stone’s classic hit “Everyday People.” Cher does most of the heavy lifting in the vocal department while Future sits next to her adding some auto-tuned, vocal harmonies.

“If someone says, ‘Do you want to do something?,’ the first thing I think of is, ‘Oh that would be fun,’ and that’s how I decide,” Cher recently told recently told Vogue about the spot. “So when the Gap said, “Would you like to do something with a younger artist?” I thought, “Yeah, that would be cool. I would like that.”

Though she didn’t know Future before they linked up to film the commercial, she grew to like him as they worked together. “I got familiar once we got on the stage he rocked a little bit,” Cher said. “It was funny. He was very cute yet shy and really he liked to have fun.”

You can catch the incredible new spot in the video above.