Chika Wants To Use Her Power To Help Make Social Media Less Toxic

Chika has had to overcome countless hurdles to see her Industry Games EP released. Those challenges have imbued her with the strength needed to navigate the pressures of fame. In her latest Honda Backstage video, Chika recalls that facing constant criticism as a child already prepared her for the rap game.

Though she notes that “there has not been a moment where I haven’t been able to be myself,” she also laments that music consumers have “seen me as an influencer for so long that they forget there’s a person underneath.” She’s accrued a growing fanbase of people, who like Nick Cannon and her producer Lido gushed, are “blown away” with her gifts. But as she reflects, the downside of that groundswell is unfair expectations for her to be a “chosen one” who can speak up for everybody. As Chika clarified, “that position comes with “a lot of f*cking responsibility that I can’t manage right now.” Sometimes, you just need to be able to take a mental health day without beating yourself up about it.

On top of the expectations from well-meaning fans, she deals with meanspirited dissections of her humanity and physical appearance, as well as reductive misquotations. Though she’s gained so much from social media, she knows that there are many areas where the digital world could be better:

“Social media has been a weird place, but there is something to be done and a world to be created within that that we haven’t quite tapped into. And at the risk of driving myself insane, I want to find out what that is and create an environment that doesn’t have to be toxic.”

Check out Chika’s Honda Backstage video above.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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