Kid Cudi Shared X-Ray Photos Of The Many, Many Screws In His Foot After Injuring Himself Onstage

Kid Cudi is a cyborg now. At least, that what he said on Twitter (not “X”) as he shared post-op photos from his recent surgery after injuring himself at Coachella last month. The Cleveland rapper now has a lot of metal screws in his foot after breaking his foot onstage, and he has the x-rays to prove it.

“Got my boot,” he wrote in post sharing the photos. “The road to recovery has begun. Heres some xrays after the surgery, I wanted yall to see how real this shit was. Im a cyborg now!”


Cudi’s foot now contains what looks like four screws and four pins bracing his heel, and he’ll probably have to wear that boot for a while. Although he had hoped to be up and about in time for his Insano tour, initially telling fans, “Not canceling anything just yet,” he was later forced to cancel it entirely.

“We have to cancel the tour so I can focus on getting better to be out there in top shape to rage with you all,” he posted late last month. “Theres just no way I can bounce back in time to give 100%. The injury is much more serious than I thought.”