Chris Cornell Once Wore A ‘Black Hole Sun’ Costume To A Halloween Party

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Ann Wilson of Heart was a close friend of Chris Cornell’s, so close, In fact, that late Soundgarden frontman was personally picked by the Wilson sisters to induct them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.So, it stands to reason that Wilson would have some great stories about the grunge icon. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she busted out on such story. Cornell apparently came to a Halloween party of Wilson’s in the early ’90s dressed as “Black Hole Sun.”

“I used to have a themed Halloween party every year and I remembered one time, the theme was to come dressed as your favorite song,” she told the magazine. “Chris came as ‘Black Hole Sun.’ He arrived wearing these huge platform boots that made him like, 6’3″, and wore this huge yellow costume with papier-mâché around his head as the sun. His face was completely blacked out. He had a great sense of humor. But it was just after the song came out, when [Soundgarden] was just experiencing the first real tremors of what it was like to be famous.”

Two things need to be noted here. First, that costume sounds dope. Second, Chris Cornell’s favorite song was his own song. That’s a bold move and totally fitting of the most rockstarish frontman of the grunge era.