Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Is Putting Out His First Solo Album Since His Timbaland Flop

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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell is set to release another solo album. Higher Truth will be released in September and will be produced by Brendan O’Brien. It’s his first solo album since Scream, his 2009 project with Timbaland. That album was what they would call “not well-received.”

“The problem with Scream isn’t that Cornell is too much of an artist to go pop. It’s that the fit is so unbecoming.” — The A.V. Club

“The idea of Cornell’s sex-god wail over Timbaland’s mechanized funk is appealing. But Scream draws out the worst tendencies in both of them.” — Los Angeles Times

Cornell’s first solo album, Euphoria Morning, however, was pretty good. Released in 1999, the album’s single “Can’t Change Me” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. The real highlight came from the Japanese-released version of the album, which featured the bonus song “Sunshower.”

Fear not, Soundgarden fans. A solo album doesn’t mean Cornell will be stepping away from the recently reunited band. They’ll be performing at Ontario’s Big Music Fest on July 11.

(Via Rolling Stone)