Chris Cornell Brought Out Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready To Perform Temple Of The Dog, Mad Season Songs

Chris Cornell’s currently touring behind his solo album Higher Truth, but he had to whip out some of his (much) older work for a hometown crowd in Seattle. Cornell brought out Mike McCready of Pearl Jam to perform songs by Temple of The Dog and Mad Season.

Cornell and McCready performed TOTD’s “Hunger Strike” and Mad Season’s “River Of Deceit.” Cornell performed in both groups. He was the originator of Temple of the Dog, a Seattle supergroup that formed after the death of Mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood, and he has filled in for Mad Season’s late vocalist Layne Staley on occasion.

Speaking of reunions, it turns out Cornell is absolutely, 100 percent down with the idea of getting the old Audioslave gang back together. If you didn’t get enough Cornell out of this post, check out his actually amazing cover of “I Will Always Love You.”

(Via Alternative Nation)