Chris Hemsworth Gives Rihanna’s ‘Work’ The Dramatic Reading You’ve Been Waiting For

04.03.16 3 years ago

Chris Hemsworth and Rihanna aren’t a couple (after all, he’s married), but their respective celebrity statuses became intertwined recently when Hemsworth hit up BBC 1 radio and put his own spin on her smash hit single “Work.”

“Work’ has claimed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for six weeks now so it’s clear the tune is floating very visibly through our cultural purview at the moment. So, what better way to highlight Rihanna’s work than to have an action star with a cool, Aussie accent throw on a pair of headphones and and give the song his mark?

Hemsworth, who will has three potential blockbusters in the can starting with next month’s The Huntsman, gave those good folks at the BBC a dramatic reading of “Work’s” lyrics. It’s all very serious while simultaneously being pretty funny and Hemsworth, who has proven his comedic chops in a couple of solid SNL hosting gigs, manages to keep it together until the very end of his performance.

“It just drummed up a whole lot of feelings, emotions and past experiences,” Hemsworth says with a smile. “It makes you just want to get to work, doesn’t it? Hear that, kids? Get a job.”

Rihanna would surely agree.

(via Billboard)

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