Christina Aguilera Supposedly Wants To Do ‘Playboy’ After She Pops Out Her Second Kid

You can take this news with a grain of salt since it comes from In Touch Weekly via The Daily Mail, but according to an unnamed “source,” Christina Aguilera is planning to get in shape real fast so she can pose for Playboy after she gives birth to her second child. Aguilera announced her pregnancy back in February so she must be ready to pop any day now — for point of reference, that image up top is three months old.

‘She wants to do Playboy,’ an insider said. ‘This is something she wanted to do even before she got pregnant.’ The friend added, ‘Christina’s always loved her body.’

‘She’s determined to do this,’ added the insider. And she won’t hold back either, according to the source. ‘Christina is planning to show off her assets.’

Speaking of those assets, a certain member of the UPROXX staff who will go unnamed (ah screw it, it’s A. Isaac) provided a bit of assistance in that area:

On that note, let this be is a friendly reminder to dumb celebrities who are always bitching about not being able to show their boobs on Instagram. You can still show your boobs in Playboy, and they will also give you money for it. You’re welcome.